Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Moorpark Zoo

 Ryan with the huge tortoise.
Ryan's first grade class went to Moorpark Zoo for a field trip.  He had a great time with his mom as a chaperrone.  


It was a great preschool year at PEEP.  She made lots of friends especially her new friend Makayla.  Here's a few pictures with her teachers, Ms. Kayla and Ms. Ford.

Career week at PEEP

Clarissa was so excited to have her Dad come in as a policeman to tell her friends at preschool what a cop does.  She stood by him most of the time.  Funny thing, in the past when Chris went for the boys, Chris would put Ryan or Garrett in the handcuffs to show the kids how they work.  Clarissa was so nervous and told him several times not to put her in handcuffs.  Of course, he didn't!  No to his princess girl!

Adam's academy graduation

 "Poppy" and the boys
 "Poppy" and Clarissa girl
 Uncle Adam and Aunt Lora (baby Houston in tummy)
Here's the fam to celebrate the graduation.
Another graduation to celebrate with Uncle Adam and Aunt Lora.  I think the kids really enjoyed this one.  They saw so many police in uniforms in one place and nothing could be better to see their favorite, their own "Poppy!"


 Dad likes to make a different face everytime he is on this ride!
We are here!  Hurry down before security catches up with us!
I think we once again when to Disneyland more times than we thought we would with our annual passes.  Everytime is a treat!  Fortunately, we are still getting away with taking snacks and lunch to the park so we don't have to spend more money on food.  The kids don't know any different.  Let's hope they never do!  The passes are do to expire soon but we won't renew because we have been priced out with the new higher prices plus I think we have been there enough the past 4 years!


Clarissa and Kate (BTW...The swimsuit is Clarissa touch.  She is putting one on most days.  It use to be the princess dresses, now this.)
We had our usual Easter Egg hunt with the cousins along with the good food and company!

Garrett's outfits

Garrett gets all kinds of crazy ideas for uniforms he can put together.  This picture is just an example of one of them.  Here he is dressed like a hockey player.  Note the bike helmet, BYU football jersey, slippers for sliding, soccer socks for protection, skeleton gloves, and the sword as a stick.  Lately, since it's football season, he is using his knee and elbow pads as shoulder pads under his football jersey.  That boy is quite creative!